Satin Brushed Chameleon Tint/Tarmac Black

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Carbon isn’t the only material that gets to have all the fun—the alloy Chisel frameset is the perfect combination of light overall weight, stiffness, durability, and alloy. Consider it the perfect start to your XC build.ONE VERY SMART FRAMETraditional welding methods create frame joints by connecting tubes to cylinders, leaving the performance and security of the connection up to the skill of the welder. D’Aluisio Smartweld Technology (DSW), however, allows us to move the joint away from the area of the highest stress, making for a lighter frameset that’s stiff, compliant, and incredibly strong—the optimal characteristics of a hardtail XC rig.XC-FAST AND TRAIL-BIKE CAPABLECross-country courses have grown more technical, so why we gave the Chisel a dose of trail bike DNA. The Chisel’s longer top tube, shortened head tube, and slightly slack front end increase its downhill stability without sacrificing its climbing ability.• Light, stiff, and durable, the premium M5 alloy frame is the perfect racing platform.[Given its light weight and ultra-stiff characteristics, M5 aluminum was the natural choice for the Chisel’s frame. And when complemented with our speed-focused XC 29 Geometry, D’Aluisio Smartweld technology, and internal cable routing, you get a bike that compromises nothing in delivering explosive speed, confident handling, and hassle-free maintenance.]




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